Our First Work Day!

Yesterday was our very first work day! We spent a few hours disassembling a load of pallets for upcycling projects. Our goal is to create items to sell to raise the start-up funds for our charitable organization.

Five team members gathered to work and discuss business needs while building community. Part of what makes us different is that we want to be a community, more than simply a board doing business. Family is important to The Habitation! Our kids enjoyed some play time while the adults got down and dirty with the demolition!

Our ideas: birdhouses and some larger planters & furniture.


Family at work.



Dan "T'ing" off.

Almost done with this one.



Pallet dis-assembly is hard work!




Bird house: Tiny houses for homeless birds.


Thanks to Board Member Holly for the photos of our project!

Work Day!

We’re building tiny houses for homeless birds! Come join us!

In our efforts to raise the funds for our start-up costs (Incorporation, Charitable Organization status, etc) we are building some bird houses and planters to sell! Bring your tools and work ethic and let’s get to building!

We will hold our regular BOD meeting immediately following!